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If social media is the introduction or the invitation, your website is the party!  You have complete control of your user’s experience, and there are so many fancy things you can do!  With all the fancy bells and whistles you can have on a website, there are five must-have aspects that NEED to be on […]

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with Chelsy Weisz. (pronounced wise) Each week I'm bringing you the best tips and tricks to help you create a joyful, profitable, purpose filled photography business without neglecting your family and friends. Chelsy is a wife and mom of two who as built a thriving photography business in her tiny hometown in North Dakota.  

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Creating an Editoral Calendar for Photographers

You might already have a blog alongside your website, or you are considering getting one. We have all heard that we should have a blog. But here is the thing about a blog, if it’s not updated frequently it can send our potential clients the message that we are no longer in business! So besides […]

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Start Living the Life you Want This Year

Hello, sweet friend, and welcome to episode number 9! Today is January first, and that means goal-setting is on everyone’s mind!! while I don’t think there is really anything super special about January first. You can start a goal at any time, so if you are listening to this some time in the middle of […]

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Tips for moving your photography business to a new state or country

Today I’m interviewing Myrna of Myrna Loy photography. Myrna is a military spouse currently located in Guam. Though the first time I met Myrna was when her family was based in Los Vegas. Myrna is an exceptionally talented photographer who photographs families maternity and boudoir. Myrna is a dear friend of mine! I’m so excited […]

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Why you want to build a photography brand and not a business

A brand and a business sound pretty similar but in all reality, they are really different. A business is offering a product or service and delivering it. A business is only able to stand apart and compete on price. a brand has a personality, has interests, things that make it stand apart, it evolves over […]

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How to Book More Photography Clients

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from new photographers is how do I book more clients? I always ask what their client experience looks like.  If you can create a client experience that wows your clients, they are going to become walking talking billboards ready to sing your name each and every […]

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How To Be More Productive When Working From Home

As photographers, we have the blessing of being able to work from home for 90% of our job.  This sounds like an amazing concept, we get to start our day whenever we want, yoga pants are always acceptable, and no makeup is required. You get to be home with your kids to watch them grow […]

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My Story My Voice

Everything I’ve read about starting a podcast advises against starting off with an episode telling your whole life story, but with a story like ours, I felt you should hear it.

This is the story of how heart surgeries made me a better wife, mom, and photographer. This is the story that has led me to start this podcast!

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The Fastest way to More Profits, and Joy as a Photographer

Tune in on Apple Podcase | Stitcher | Spotify When we are just starting it’s so exciting to shoot anyone and everything we can get in front of our camera Think it’s necessary to shoot a little bit of everything when you are starting to find what your niche is and where our passion lies. How […]

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a small town
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I built an elegant wedding photography business in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a camera and a google search bar. When my husband's one heart surgery turned in to a three-year-long battle, it turned everything on its head. I vowed to help other small business owners put systems into place to ensure the business can still run even if you have to step away.

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