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Why Words Matter | Ashlyn Carter Interview | The Wise Photographer Podcast

Ashlyn Carter is a conversion copywriter and marketing strategist specializing in wedding and creative industries. She traded in her fortune 500 clients in corporate and marketing to bring in more than seven figures in her business writing for creatives like Jenna Kutcher, Beth Kirby of the local milk, Julia Solomon, Katlyn James, Hilary Rushford, Lara […]

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Shelby + Kevin’s Wedding


Eucalyptus and muted fall colors set the tone for this two-day event. The weekend started early on Friday afternoon with hair and makeup at Shelby and Kevin’s home nestled at the top of the White Earth Valley. When Shelby got engaged, I told her I would love to photograph her wedding or be a bridesmaid, but I could do both. Secretly I was hoping she would choose me to photograph her wedding!

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Shelby + Kasey


400, that’s the number of sunflowers Shelby’s mom cut, baked, painted and then tied on to the programs, menus and more! Shelby and Kasey got married at The Links of North Dakota Golf course south of Ray, ND.  The Links provided such a beautiful native landscape overlooking the bluffs and lake Sakagaweega, one of the […]

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Taylor + Heather | Engagement


Taylor and Heather met playing softball when Heather’s team was short a few players and had to borrow a few extra people from a neighboring town. Harvest started later than normal that year, that was the only reason he was available. Heather always wondered if he hadn’t been there that weekend if their paths would’ve crossed some other time. Taylor seems to think so! 

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what to put on your wedding registry

Wedding Registry Items You Won’t Think to Add, But Should!


When it comes time to add items to your wedding registry it can be hard to figure out what to actually put on the list.  This can be especially hard if you already have a lot of the classic items and don’t need 2 toasters! Today I’m sharing some out of the box ideas for […]

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Part three. My name is Chelsy Weisz. This is my family's story of heartbreak, heart surgeries, and God's faithfulness through it all.

Finding my Faith in the Midst of Uncertainty – Part 3

Heart Surgery

You can read part one here and part two here. The recovery from Justin’s first surgery was hard on both of us. Before surgery, they do so much education on how to prepare for surgery, and what recovery should look like from a physical standpoint, but I was not prepared for the emotional toll it […]

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the best app for wedding planning + get your FREE wedding planning Trello board

Wedding Planning with Trello


Wedding planning is not a task for the weak of heart!  It is definitely one of those things that you dread or love, or you loving it for about 6 months and then your just ready to throw your hands in the air and book a plane ticket to Vegas! Take some deep breaths, close […]

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Quinn and Nick | Stanley ND Wedding


You know the expression always a bridesmaid never a bride, I feel like that could have been true for Nick! He has been a groomsman in quite a few of the weddings I have shot recently, and now finally he was the groom! In fact, almost the entire #saubercrew have been at past weddings I’ve […]

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Williston engagement photos North Dakota Badlands

Shelby + Kevin | Badlands Engagement Photos


Being able to photograph my sister’s engagement was truly a wonderful and special experience. It also can mean added pressure haha! Shelby and Kevin have been together for years, I think everyone first reaction to the news of their engagement was ‘about time!’ But in all honesty, I am completely thrilled for them!

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Jonni + Tyler | Engaged


I met Jonni and Tyler at Theodore Roosevelt National Park this past weekend for their engagement session! I think I have a new favorite location for engagement sessions! I hadn’t been to the park in a few years, and I had never been all the way into the park. However, Tyler certainly knew what he was […]

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