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Welcome back, my friend! How are you! I’ve missed you guys.  I know things kind of abruptly stopped for the wise photographer podcast, and I’m sorry for that.  But I had to take a step back for my mental health.  This spring, when COVID 19 hit, I suddenly had a lot on my plate. Between […]

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with Chelsy Weisz. (pronounced wise) Each week I'm bringing you the best tips and tricks to help you create a joyful, profitable, purpose filled photography business without neglecting your family and friends. Chelsy is a wife and mom of two who as built a thriving photography business in her tiny hometown in North Dakota.  

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Kicking Imposter Syndrome to the Curb with Dr. Tiffany Eurich

Welcome to episode 25 of The Wise Photographer Podcast. Researchers say that imposter syndrome has a tendency to affect women more often than men. Today I’m sitting down with Tiffany Eurich to share 10 ways you can kick imposter syndrome to the curb! Dr. Tiffany Eurich is passionate about helping entrepreneurs stand out in saturated […]

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Bookkeeping for New Photographers | The Wise Photographer Podcast

Stephanie Thacker is the founder and CEO of Steadfast Bookkeeping Company. After seven years in small businesses and corporate, Stephanie started Steadfast Bookkeeping in 2011, because of her passion for helping business owners achieve their dreams. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs as well as running a few businesses herself, she realized that bookkeeper […]

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Client Workflows for Photographers | The Wise Photographer Podcast

Today we are chatting all about client workflows.  So what is a client workflow? I want to quickly break this down so you know exactly what it is I’m talking about today! For me when I talk about client workflow, it’s a list of all the steps that you do to book your client, get […]

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The Truth About Outsourcing Editing – Nathan Holritz |The Wise Photographer Podcast

Today’s guest is Nathan Holritz. Nathan is an entrepreneur based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Nathan photographed weddings for over a decade before becoming the founder and CEO of He’s also the host of the Boca podcast. In his free time, Nathan enjoys spending time with his two children, his family and his friends. He also […]

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Dealing with fear and uncertainty surrounding COVID19

Dealing with Uncertainty and Fear Caused by COVID19 | The Wise Photographer Podcast

Hey, guys, this is a little bit of a different podcast then what we have been doing lately. Today I’m going to be chatting about recent events. But as a quick little PSA, if you are listening around little ones I would suggest popping in some headphones. While there is nothing graphic or explicit in […]

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social distancing photo challenge 2020

Wise Photographer Photo Challenge 2020

Hey there how ya doing? Things are crazy at the moment all over the world. Many of us are stuck at home, pulled out of our normal routines. Some of us are still going to work, and possibly putting ourselves and families at risk to help keep things going during this crazy time. – If […]

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How to Get Started in Product Styling Photography | Erica Steeves | The Wise Photographer Podcast

I was so excited to interview Erica, who is a Commercial Photographer! She launched her business seven short months ago, and she, like many creative businesses, are still trying to figure things out and put the pieces together. She started as a prop stylist, dominated the niche and now and it’s her primary expertise. Taking […]

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How I Get Everything Done | Batching! | The Wise Photographer Podcast

We as busy Mamas and photographers have to wear a lot of hats. We are chauffeurs, personal shoppers, and chefs, bookkeepers, client relation specialists, editors, website designers, house cleaners, copywriters, stylists, lifeguards, we do all the things.  It can feel like the only way to get everything done is to multitask it all. But here […]

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I built an elegant wedding photography business in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a camera and a google search bar. When my husband's one heart surgery turned in to a three-year-long battle, it turned everything on its head. I vowed to help other small business owners put systems into place to ensure the business can still run even if you have to step away.

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